The Cherry Cola

"Better Homes and Gardens," but its written by an angry millenial.

Orange Blossom Flapjacks

Now, the flap-jack is a majestic thing. Every proper Canadian has memories of waking up to the smell of these disc-shaped happiness biscuits, sitting down at the breakfast table, and downing one or two while groggy-eyed and adjusting to the horrible crippling brightness of the sun.

As I've reached adulthood, and achieved the life goal of living on my own, I often wake up, groggy eyed, and curse at the horrible, crippling brightness of the sun. Seems only fitting to make flap-jacks, right?

Problem comes that my favorite recipe is designed to feed a family of sixteen. I live alone. I can eat a lot of pancakes, but not that many. Now, with a little experimentation and a lot of ruined pancakes, I've converted the ol' family recipe to make a suitable number of pancakes for one lonely asshole – around three pancakes. Your welcome!